Here Are The Top Five Things You Should Do At Havasu Falls


If you have been dreaming to visit Havasu Falls of the Grand Canyon, you should start planning today. Due to the increasing demand for entry to Havasupai Indian Reservation, it has been difficult to get a permit right away. If you intend on visiting during spring, make sure make the necessary arrangements soon so you don’t have to worry about securing your permits a few weeks before your intended departure to the Grand Canyon.

  • Set up camp nearest Haulapai Hilltop

The Haulapai Hilltop is located in a remote area of the South Rim. It’s always best to start your hike first thing in the morning, so you can arrive at Havasupai before the sun’s heat becomes irritating. Set up camp nearest the start of the trail so it’s easy for you to cover as much ground during your ten-mile hike to the reservation.

  • Do not forget to bring a first aid kit

The hiking trail to Havasu Falls is challenging to say the least. You need to prepare for the hike and expect for the worst. Bring a first aid kit just in case you need to fix a blister from walking miles upon rocky terrain.

  • You can bring a flotation device to Havasu Falls

As the Havasu Falls feature a wide pool area, you can definitely treat it as a swimming pool. You can lounge all day along its bank, or simply swim in the early morning, whilst spending the rest of the day exploring the other falls within the vicinity.

  • Pick your campsite wisely

If you want a comfortable campsite, you must pitch your tent strategically. If you set up tent near trees, there are more critters that may bug you during your stay. If you set up tent with less shade from trees, you reduce the chances of encountering critter problems.

  • Have a picnic at the Havasu Falls Benches

There are numerous picnic tables that are setup on the foot of the falls. This can be very refreshing as you eat your snacks, your foot is immersed in constant 70F water.